Cleaning out a house, large or small, can be a frusterating experience. What may have first looked to be a weekend to clean it out job, quickly proves to be a entire summer shot to heck in a project that consumed almost every spare minute you had. “I'll give a lot of stuff away” quickly becomes a learning experience of which charities to call, who will take and not take certain things, and scheduling a pickup weeks in advance. (true, that is usually how it works with many of the larger charities, especially with bulkier items) Trying to get friends and family members to take these things is a pain, and all in order to lessen the amount you have to dispose of and reduce your load. It also takes a lot of time and many phone calls to arrange free removal, and no one organization will take anywhere near the amount of items you need to remove. 

Even after you can get these people agree to take it, you usually have to be there when they remove it (again bulkier items), and you still have to get it from up and down stairs and from the back of the house, to a place of access for them to get it. Although some charities will agree to remove the items from inside your house, the majority won't. 

          Let's say you've made the calls and had several pickups made from various charities or people. How much work was that? Was it fun carrying that 40 year-old refrigerator up from the basement? Moving those bed sets down the stairs? Moving the multitudes of boxes (they quickly add up ) out to the street? Probably not.

          Charities are pretty savvy about people trying to stick them with unusuable objects. They've been in this game longer than you and most have strict guidelines of what to take lists. How many unsalable items do you think they want to sit on the shelves? Be realistic about charitable donation values too. 
           But wait, you're still not done.  the chances are that you would be very fortunate to give anywhere near 50% of everything away. 15-20% is even doubtful. Try more like 5-10%. Really. That beautiful old couch that Grandma never let you sit on as a child may have have been very expensive when it was new and may hold warm memories, but the charities and your friends turned it down because it is in fact now worn out with torn upholstery, covered in dog hair and smells like heck. Let's face it, other people are not looking for furniture that costs hundreds of dollars to refinish, fix, or repair.

              Oh by the way, how many times have you re-handled items and then  put them in all sorts of piles while you try to figure out what to do with them? All a waste of time and effort. Don't expect helpers to be too understanding. Labor wise, you are just spinning your wheels. How many times do you think your friends are willing to move that dresser again? or move those bags of clothes again? or the old sewing machine, or heavy boxes of books? 

           You're making a little progress but here you are with weeks of work under your belt, and a house or business still full of debris. You'd better postpone the vacation right now, it's not going to happen. 

           Instead, now you have the necessity to learn about the dumpster business. There is a lot to learn in this arena. They get huge amounts per dumpster. And no matter what size dumpster you think you need or how much you think you can stuff in it, you will probably be way off. They do look huge when they're empty. You probably always wanted to learn how to disassemble furniture, knock it all apart, cut it into smaller pieces, especially on a hot or freezing day, right? You were planning to start an exercise program anyway that would build those muscles up so you can attempt to throw things over the 5 feet tall sides with ease, right?  Be prepared for when the idea and expense of getting a dumpster” turns into you calling them back for a 2nd, 3rd or 4th dumpster. "It's a good thing I saved all that money by canceling that Christmas vacation" is something that no one wants to say!!

           I have never seen a dumpster company that will discount a dime because you needed more than one. It's the full cost each time. While it's there for weeks, try to appreciate the elegance that a rustic (rusty) 45oo lb steel box add to your properties appearance. I'm sure your neighbors will also notice! Also be "on Notice" to welcome the myriad of dumpster divers that will crawl inside that dumpster, tear open bags, throw stuff on the outside of the container waiting for you to put it back. They seem to disregard  "No trespassing" signs for some reason too. I'll bet you can't wait to clean up after them every week.

           But first. How do you get all this stuff into the dumpster in the first place? Who needs a gym equipment!  You do like stairs, right? You love to get down on your hands and knees for endless hours on endless days to fill up boxes and bags don't you? It's amazing what might be found crawling around with you while your down there. Everybody loves company!

           Sure does feels good though to get off your knees several times to make endless trips carrying those bags and boxes through your property and doorways then out to the dumpster. Sure hope they put it so that it's easy to get to. That's not often the case!!  

"Ok, we'll make some money! We'll have an Estate/clean out sale"!

Need to pay for all those dumpsters right? Good, it should only add 2-4 weeks additional work to prepare for What? Another wasted weekend? Sure. You need to clean everything else out (can't let people trip over the trash & junk and sue you), so that people can see the items you are selling. Then you need to borrow lets say 7 or 8 tables to display it all on. Now you can advertise it and sit there with several helpers for 2-3 days selling everything. I'm sure your friends and family can't wait for that weekend. Expect no show helpers.

Now that some of it's gone..uh oh,wait! You still have 50% of what you started with! Better call for another dumpster. The dumpster guy should know you by your first name now anyway!

 And just how much money do you think you are going to take in? Really? Have you actually looked on Craigslist (Not Ebay) to see what things are really selling for in your area? When you do, you need to be priced even less than what they are asking for to get people to come and buy. Why else would they shop otherwise? Estate sale and garage sale buyers are the shrewdest shoppers I ever met. They have no problem passing up on your families fine dishes, brick a brack, furniture, tools, etc. because they know the sale they go to next week will have it for half of what you are asking. They are in control here, not you. And don't resent them if they buy omething just to resell later. They are risking their cash on that gamble, let alone storing it forever. I recall a situation where someone I knew was preparing for an estate sale and was writing down high prices on the items. When I questioned the dollar amounts he said “I'm not just giving it away”. And what happened? That's exactly what happened to most of the bulkier items and a lot of the smaller junk. Running out of time, it went to charities and the dumpster.

                    Estate sale advice:

If you are doing it for the money, expect a lot less than what you think you will get. You'll still end up with half or more of the stuff what you started with, so be prepared and you still have to clean out all the other junk  first before they can do it. It also means you still have the dumpster costs and all your efforts to fill it. And you're still stuck with the leftovers.         
Finally it's all cleaned out!  By the way, how much did the additional property taxes, mortgage, rent, utilities, dumpsters, helpers, advertising, food, lost income, cell phone bills, fuel and misc expenses did all this cost you? How about the weeks/months wasted before getting the property ready to but back on the market? Not to mention all your labor? How about that trip to the hospital for your back/hip/knee?

                    A better solution!

              Get a clean out junk removal service. Basically, you have a problem to solve, and they are there to help you resolve it as quickly as possible. The benefits to you can be huge.
The greatest benefit is the small amount of time it takes to resolve your problem. What could take you days or weeks to clean out can usually be removed in a matter of hours or a day or two, depending on the amount. You have a swept floor at the end, no dumpster, your friendships intact, family harmony still in place. And your back will thank you forever.
Chances are, per cubic yard, hiring a clean o
By the way, anything large you want to keep requires movers. Junk removal trucks are not meant for preserving nice objects.
Dumpsters cost the same per unit no matter how many you need. Most junk removal companies price per cubic yard often goes down with higher volumes, and they are doing the work, not you. 
Clean out services give you an estimate or price based upon their costs and the time they expect to complete the job. Unless you want to pay them a huge hourly rate, they are not going to stand there while you look through every box they pick up. That could takes days or weeks versus hours. Look before you call.
Dumpsters may sit for days waiting for removal after you have filled them, often while waiting for them to drop off another one in the only space you have to put it. Junk removal companies usually put it all in their trucks and trailers and take it away the same day. Your driveway or parking spot stays open. 

Some large projects may require dumpsters even when using junk removal companies. Clean out service companies often have relationships with the dumpster companies and can obtain better rates. Construction debris is the most common situation. The debris can be so heavy that partially loading trucks and trailers due to weight restrictions is not practical to any of the parties involved. In that case, the junk removal company provides the labor to fill the dumpster.
If you just don't want to throw things away because you feel this or that is worth a few bucks, ask yourself the following questions:

Do I have a place to take this object to other than here?

Is the total value of these items worth paying an extended monthly storage fee on? Think about this. After all the work of getting the property empty, you probably will not even look at the crap in storage for quite some time. Don't worry, the storage place will bill your credit card monthly for as long as you don't want to deal with it. If you don't pay? Watch TV to see who buys your stuff! Then even after all the work to save and store it, let alone the storage  fee, everything you did is often for nought.

Junk removal services are used to this kind of work. They have the proper knowledge and tools to safely move heavy objects. Save your back. They are also sensitive to your situation.They understand you or your family may be grieving the loss of a loved one and are respectful in their actions. They realize that the person who called for their services has been given a difficult and overwhelming task to remove unwanted stuff. They understand that this is sometimes just the primary step that a person needs to get past so that they can move on to other situations. 

Having well-meaning friends or loved ones help often backfires. Example: Your sister can't pick up any object without commenting “oh, that was your grandma's dog's favorite food bowl. Relatives often feel obligated to make you feel guilty for disposing of anything that belonged to another relative. They may or may not realize it, but they are just making your job even harder by adding tons of emotional pressure. The professionals just stick to the job.
If the clean out is for your business, they respect that your time is valuable and work to be efficient in helping you resolve this dilemma as quickly and as economically as possible. You need need the premises cleared out now and not next year. Landlords need to get it ready quickly for the next tenant. The bank sale is next week and time is short.

Professionals can provide estimates for insurance companies and make sure everything is disposed of in accordance with environmentally acceptable standards. They free you and your workers up for more important things. 

           So, call a professional trash & junk removal service, and put your feet up and start planning that vacation you've been dreaming about!